January 31, 2019

Episode 147: Minding the Gap

You asked - I'm answering.  You wanted to know how I do an evaluation of my life, how I make connections, how I know there is something off and how do I dig deeper into what that is and find clarity.  In this episode, I share with you two of tools I use to identify what is off in my life.  These tools have helped me for years in identifying where I need to put my focus and energy.  I hope they help you as well!

I'm resurrecting an episode that had gotten lost in the archives. Family relationships are hard! We enter recovery thinking that they will get better - that everything will get better!  We don't always realize that things don't get better right away.  We have to work through so much of the patterns and cycles that we've been in for a long time!  Many people ask me how I can still have a relationship with my family when things are so dysfunctional?? Here is my answer!

Jackie and I are EXCITED about what we are doing with One Layer Deeper (1LD). Are you looking to go one layer deeper in your recovery? Then maybe one of our intensives or webinars is right for you!  In this episode we talk about how our family of origin contributes so much to our relational template.  This template is the foundation from which we operation. It is the template for how we engage with others around us.  When this relational template is damaged, it takes hard work to change it and thus dramatically transform our relationships. You can do it!  We want to help!



January 13, 2019

Episode 144: Departure

The first step of connection is departure.  - Delta Airlines

We change, we have to, or we spend the rest of our lives fighting the same battles!
- Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek: Beyond)

What do these two quotes have to do with each other? They are two quotes that have resonated as truth with me the last few weeks. The beginning of the year is always a reflective time for me and as I've been thinking about you, I've thought a lot about what departures I need to make in my life.  I hope this helps you connect!

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