Today, December 2, 2022, I celebrate 10 years sober.  In this episode I talk about some of the thinking that had to change for me to achieve this accomplishment and how believing is seeing when it comes to our recovery.

Continuing our Worth Reading series, I share one of the books that was fundamental to my mindset work.  I was struggling with my people pleasing behaviors when my therapist recommended this book.  In this episode, I share the pieces of this book that had the most influence on me.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


In this second part, we continue our discussion about the 12 dimensions of courtship including intimacy, touching, foreplay, intercourse, commitment, and renewal.  These later stages of courtship are some of the hardest things we do in relationships.  

These dimensions come from "Facing the Shadow" a workbook on sex addiction from Dr. Patrick Carnes.  

The goal of sex addiction recovery isn't sobriety.  Sobriety is a tool we use.  But the actual goal of sex addiction recovery is that you have amazing relationships! Relationships that bring renewal and energy to your life!  Relationships that fill you and become an asset to you.  These types of relationships require an understanding of what Courtship is and the different dimensions that courtship can follow. 

Thankfully, Dr. Patrick Carnes has outlined these dimensions and given us a pattern we could follow to help us learn new skills.  Using these dimensions I discuss where we can sometimes get stuck and what skills we need to get ourselves unstuck as we work to improve our relationships.

For decades we've been viewing addiction through the disease lens.  Before that, it was a moral failing.  What is next as we increase our knowledge and understanding about what addiction exactly is and how it starts in our lives?


In this episode I share how my view of addiction has changed over time and how I gauge what is helpful in my own recovery from addiction.

Worth Reading is a series of podcasts where I share my review of books that have had meaning to me throughout the recovery process.


Today I reflect on "Ready to Heal: Breaking Free of Addictive Relationships" by Kelly McDaniel.  Kelly does a beautiful job explaining some of the unique considerations that need to be made for women in recovery from love, relationship, or sex addiction.  I share some of the most meaningful insights she provides and expand on how they impacted me in recovery.  


In December 2021, I celebrated my 9 year sobriety anniversary.  Wow!  9 Years Sober!  One of my clients asked me, what has changed in my life since becoming sober?  In this episode I share my top 10 changes in my life with longer term sobriety and recovery.  I hope this helps you think about where you're going in recovery and what longer term sobriety and recovery and help you achieve!

January 12, 2022

Episode 173: Leveling Up

Evolution is a necessary part of life.  As we grow and change, it is necessary to reevaluate our recovery and our life.  Our beliefs, practices, thinking patterns and perspectives need to change and keep up with our growth. In this episode I discuss how evolution happens and how we can evaluate our recovery to level up.  

You can download the episode worksheet here.  

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2022!

After a long hiatus of podcasting, I'm at it again.  January is my favorite month of the year.  I simply LOVE New Year's, and every year make a major plan with goals, accountability charts, and even a PowerPoint presentation for motivation!

In this episode, we explore how to implement a change in a way that will last.  Vision + Skills + Incentives + Resources + Action Plan = Sustainable Change

You can download the diagram here.  



Sexuality is unique for each person. However, abuse is never a healthy part of sexuality. In this episode, I explore the connection between BDSM and abuse with Kristal Garcia.  Kristal is a self-identified recovering sex and love addict.  Her story can be found on a previous episode of Worth Recovery. Here we define and discuss what exactly BDSM is and the challenges of this community.


More information about Kristal can be found here:


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