In the concluding episode of the Talking Back Challenge, Amy discusses phase 4 of the design your own talking back statements.  Learn how to stay in the trenches and declare war on the negative shaming voices in your head.  Worksheets can be found at

The steps work in so much more than addiction.  Listen to Amy discuss how step one is a life principle and how we can apply the principles of software development to our own lives.  Also, learn how to translate this principle into language everyone can understand.

In the second part of the series on Talking Back, Amy discusses phases 2 and 3 of crafting your own personalized, unique talking back statements to help you overcome the negative and shaming voices in your own head.  Episode 012 started the three part series which will conclude in Episode 016.  Check out the worksheets available on to help get you started!

Step one is more than just an admittance of powerlessness and unmanageability. In this admittance, we have the opportunity to connect with our story and put context to our lives.  Then, it becomes our responsibility to "change the things we can" as the serenity prayer tells us.  How have you worked step one in your life? Listen as Amy shares how it has worked in her life.  

Do you struggle with negative thoughts and shaming voices?  Do they stop you from acting in your life?  It is time to start talking back!  Listen to Amy talk about her four phase process for talking back!

Continuing the deep dive into the 12 steps of recovery, Amy explores how unmanageability shows up in her life.  Though we all have apparent unmanageability, we also have deceptive forms that can take awhile to see. Listen and discover the overt and covert unmangeability in your own life.  

Feeling discouraged?  Things not working out like you wanted them to? Listen to Amy talk about her recent experience with discouragement, the elements of hope, and learn three tips to building hope in your life.  

In the first episode of the 12 step series, listen to Amy's attempts to stop her addiction herself and the gifts that Powerlessness has brought to her life.  

What is your plan in case of emergency?  You know, those desperate moments you have where your moments away from acting out?  Learn about creating an ICE kit - and how this can transform your recovery! 

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