Step 3 asks us to make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God.  Recovery demands that we be accountable for both our actions and our inactions.  Step 3 is where we being this accountability process.  Are you being a decision maker in your own life?

Finding a place to stay connected is essential if we are to live in recovery.  At a recent women's retreat Amy attended, she spoke to Becky, Candace, and Emily and recorded their brief message to you about recovery tools they have learned.  

In the conclusion of the series on Step 2, Amy provides suggestion on how to work this step in your life.  Listen to her outlines the four commitments necessary to working Step 2.  

In the conclusion of Lee's story, listen to her describe some of the events of the last three years in recovery including her worst and best moments.  "Don't let anyone tell you you're not worth it" is her concluding message. 

In continuing the deep dive on step two, listen to Amy talk about the ways insanity manifests in our lives.  If we agree that we need to be restored to sanity, as step two tells us, we must be willing to see and admit our own insanity.  How does insanity manifest in your life?

In the first of the Women's Stories Series, Amy talks with Lee, as she shares her story of addiction and recovery.  Everyone's story is just a little different.  Hear how addiction impacted Lee, her life and her family.  

The understanding of a Higher Power must be personal in order for it to work in our lives.  Listen to Amy share her experiences with defining her Higher Power and the challenge to define your own!

If there was one thing you wish people could understand about your addiction, what would it be?  Listen to Amy talk about the one thing she hopes all people remember about addiction, especially sex addiction.  

Continuing the deep dive into the 12 Steps of recovery, Amy discusses what step two is all about.  Coming to meetings, waking up to our insanity, and learning to build confidence in a power bigger than ourselves are all essential parts to understanding the beginning of step 2.  

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