Are you struggling to figure out who you are in recovery?  Do you feel like you're having an identity crisis?  Yeah - me too.  Listen to Amy discuss her own experience with figuring out who she was in addiction and recovery and how to take yourself along in your own journey.

The principles behind steps 1, 2, and 3 provide us the essence of surrender.  What does it mean to surrender our addiction?  Doesn't surrendering make me a loser?  Listen to Amy discuss her experiences with surrendering and how it works in her life. 

Are you engaged in the struggle of your life?  Are you moving forward or are you stuck?  Are there things in your life that you're escaping from or ignoring?  How do you move forward?  Listen to Amy talk about being engaged in the struggle of her life and get some ideas on how you can stay engaged as well!

In the conclusion of the series on step 3, listen to Amy make some suggestions on how to practically turn your will and live over to the care of God. 

Comparison, the opposite of connection, has a huge negative effect in our lives.  Listen to Amy talk about what comparison does to our lives and how we can take steps to healing and steps to connection. 

When we turn our will over to our higher power, we're not giving it up for someone else to play with.  We turn it over to the CARE of God.  Listen to Amy talk about three significant experiences in her life where she has seen the Care of God in her life.  

Connection is vital in recovery.  At a recent women's retreat, Amy interviewed women who wanted to share with you their tools of recovery.  Listen to Liberty, Sarah, and Pamela share their messages with you about Acceptance, Support, Rigorous Honesty and Hope for the future.  

What does it mean to turn over your will?  How do you do that? What does it require?  Listen to Amy discuss the answers to these questions and the identity crisis that comes along with it.

Will you go to meetings for the rest of your life?  Listen to Amy answer this question and talk about the fundamental principles of living in Recovery.  

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