In order to change your thinking and really stay sober - you have to change your neural pathways. What are neural pathways and how do you change them? That is exactly what Amy will discuss in this episode about how to stop triggers from turning into slips and slips into falls.

In this final episode in the deep dive into Step 4, Amy gives ideas to enhance the traditional AA method of working Step 4 and also discusses the payoff we receive.  It works when we work it!

Do you have a pack?  A pack that stands with you to fight your battles with addiction?  Listen to Amy discuss why you need a pack and give you some questions to evaluate the healthy qualities of your own pack.

Working step 4 requires courage and honesty. How have you worked Step 4 in your own life?  In part 1 of this podcast - Amy discusses the traditional method of working step 4 outlined by AA and the promises and benefits of completing this step.  The worksheets referenced in the episode can be found at  

It's not always easy to ask for help.  In fact, asking for help is one of the hardest things we learn to do in recovery.  Listen to Amy discuss how hard it was to reach out and find a sponsor - but also the reasons why it has been the best part of her recovery.  

A moral inventory is a starting place in facing the facts about ourselves.  It takes courage and honesty.  It also takes an understanding of why it is necessary.  Listen to Amy discuss why this moral inventory will change our lives and how we will use it moving forward. 

What exactly are boundaries and why are they necessary in recovery?  Why do I feel like a bitch every time I even think about boundaries?  Listen to Amy talk about the four major types of boundaries you need, and share her own experiences with boundary success and failure. 

Working step 4 can be intimidating.  Many addicts get hung up here and don't move forward.  Step 4 demands honesty and courage if we are going to work it in our lives.  Listen to Amy describe what that means to her and how we find courage & honesty.

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