While driving to spend some time with her family, Amy shares the cycle and evolution of relationships in her recovery.

In the continuation of the series on Objectification, Amy discuses the first of the reflection questions from last time, "How do I objectify other people?" and provides 4 concrete strategies you can use to stop!  Objectifying goes so much deeper than just looking at appearance.  Learn some strategies to stop the objectification you are doing in your life.

Concluding the discussion on step 8, Amy shares one of the most influential experiences she has heard about forgiveness.  Using the experience of Corrie ten Boom, related in her book "The Hiding Place", Amy shares why forgiveness is something we continually practice.  And just as essential as forgiving others is learning and practicing forgiving ourselves. We just keep working at it and keep practicing until our higher power "changes the temperature of our heart."

What does objectification look like?  What are the qualities that define objectification?  How do you identify it, stop it for yourself, and hold boundaries with people that objectify you?  At the request of a listener and in response to Amy's own experiences, she discusses all these questions and more.  

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