Grief comes to visit all of us on occassion. It is it's own size.  It can feel like a presence in our life.  It manifests in different ways for each of us.  In this episode, Amy discusses some of the grief she is dealing with, some of the ways it manifests, and some of the strategies she is using to get through it in her life.  

Thoughts from Amy's car continues with an episode about preparing for the holidays. Amy shares how unvoiced expectations are just resentment waiting to happen.

Trauma can be complex and deep.  It brings wounds into our lives that we try desperately to master.  In an interview with Candice Christansen, Amy discusses the correlation between trauma and addiction, some of the ways we act out our trauma, and some of the tools we can use to work through and eventually master our trauma. You can learn more about Candice and the work she is doing by visiting 

In the continuation of the deep dive on the 12 steps of recovery, Amy explores how all of the work we have done up to this point prepares us for Step 9, for making amends.  She discusses how amends is more than apologies, more than just saying we are sorry.  In preparing to work step nine, we need to understand the principles behind all of the other steps as well as why apologies are insufficient. 

In the conclusion of the series on Objectification, Amy discusses two questions:  How am I objectifying myself? and what boundaries do I need to set in objectification by others?

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