December 20, 2016

Episode 079: Exploring Consent

With all the recent media coverage on rape and rape culture, Amy explores the idea of consent with CSAT therapist Jackie Pack.  Jackie will be speaking and sharing her expertise at "Engaged In The Struggle," the upcoming Worth Recovery event in January.  Listen to this great interview about what consent really means and how we get it all wrong.  

As we continue to get healthier and upgrade our lives in recovery, it is essential that we upgrade our relationships along with it.  Otherwise, we get stuck.  While Amy helped moved her friend across the country, they discussed their relationship and what makes it work.  Listen to them discuss the help wanted ads they are going to place!

In this preview episode, Amy interviews Lu Duke, one of the presenters at the upcoming Worth Recovery Event: Engaged in the Struggle.  Lu is not only a CSAT therapist, but a Daring Way Facilitator - Consultant, trained in the work of Brene Brown.  In this episode she discusses core and aspirational values and how they play a role in our recovery. 

To celebrate her 4 year sobriety anniversary, Amy shares her own Spiritual Awakening. Knowing that addiction is an "illness that only a spiritual experience will conquer", Amy shares some of the major spiritual experiences that have contributed to her spiritual awakening.

14 symptoms that you are having a spiritual awakening.

  1. You have the sense that something is different.
  2. You feel yourself drifting away from some relationships.
  3. You become aware of those things which no longer serve you.
  4. You feel great compassion for the suffering of this life.
  5. You feel an urge to do something.
  6. You become more sensitive.
  7. You begin to search for the answer to the question, “Who am I?”
  8. You begin to regularly experience synchronicity.
  9. You experience a loss of identity.
  10. Your sleep patterns change.
  11. You lose interest in lesser emotions and thoughts.
  12. You feel a sense of Oneness.
  13. You begin to experience better overall health.
  14. You experience tingling at the top of your head.
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