A few months ago, Shannon started blogging for Worth Recovery.  Her words are real, authentic, relatable, inspiring and uplifting.  Her story is the same.  I'm excited to share with you a little bit of Shannon's experiences in recovery.  You can read more about Shannon and her recovery journey at the blog:  Worth Recovery Blog

After listening (really watching) two friends have a heated argument on Facebook, I started to really pay attention to my usage of the word "but".  I soon became aware of the problems this word was causing in my life.  As I've worked to elliminate the word "but" from my vocabulary I've learned the power of a new word.  The power of the word AND.  I'm excited to share that power with you!!

Finding motivation and inspiration to stay in recovery is important.  Those sources change as our recovery journey changes.  Lately, as I've been working through grief and watching my mother slowing deteriorate, new motivation and inspiration has come from an unexpected source.  Listen as I share my current source of courage and bravery.

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