Are you tired of saying you're sorry?  Picking back up the series on the 12 steps of Recovery, Amy continues the discussion on Step 9:  Made direct amends whenever possible, expect when to do so would injure them or others.  Making amends is more than just apologies or saying we are sorry.  It takes a complete attitude change.  Listen to Amy share a portion of that changed attitude and how to approach amends from a helpful place.


Everything in our physical world around us cycles. Weather, plants, and animals are just a few of the things that cycle. It makes sense then, that our own physical bodies would cycle as well. I'm not just talking about that time of the month, though I am including that. In this episode I share a bit about my own physical cycles and learning the importance of listening to our bodies.

Action Items:

  1. Begin tracking your monthly cycle and listening to the clues your body is giving you.
  2. Think bigger or smaller -- what other cycles do you go through physically and how are they effecting your life?

Music has been such a big part of my life. In our world we are surrounded by music. Are you using music intentionally in your recovery? In this episode I share the power music has had in my recovery and share several of the songs that have helped me stay sober. I'm excited to hear from you about how music has helped you and how you connect music to emotion.

Action Items:

  1. Eliminate some music from your library. In order for us to use music intentionally, we need to be careful about the music we consume. Find some music that needs to be eliminated from your library and do it today!
  2. Connect music to emotion. What is your primary emotion today? Find a song to connect to that emotion and help you express that emotion in your life.
  3. SHARE your emotion and song! Do it in the comments below or on Facebook or the Podbean app or iTunes - wherever you're listening to this - share with us your song!

In Part 2 with Shannon we discuss children, recovery journeys, daily routines and blogging.  A few months ago, Shannon started blogging for Worth Recovery.  Her words are real, authentic, relatable, inspiring and uplifting.  Her story is the same.  I'm excited to share with you a little bit of Shannon's experiences in recovery.  You can read more about Shannon and her recovery journey at the blog:  Worth Recovery Blog

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