When my nephew told me, "Adults are not to be trusted", it broke my heart.  I hurt for him and his current reality AND I hurt for the feeling of familiarity I felt when he said that.  Trust is a difficult thing.  Learning to trust ourselves and to keep our word is an essential step in recovery.  In this episode, I share some of the ways I've learned to be better at this thing we call honesty.


Healing happens on purpose.  In this episode, Amy shares the year she became intentional about her recovery.  It is easy to float along in recovery, trying different things, dipping our toes into many options and moving on before we see results.  It is also easy to keep doing things out of habit but not really evalutating to see if the action is having the intented impact.  Learn how to be more intentional as well as more about our event in Seattle this summer.

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