Our world is not linear. Yet, many times we think that is how it “should” be. We work through something, trauma, addiction, relationships, mother issues, or whatever it is, we feel some resolution around it, and we think that is over. Then weeks, months, or maybe even years later, something happens and here we are stuck back in the middle of it again. We say to ourselves – I worked through this already – why am I here again??  You’re here again because our world is not linear. Listen to Amy talk about her experiences with circling back and how we can use the principles of Non-Euclidean Geometry in our recovery.

Using a recent entry from her journal, Amy discusses daily courage. How do we find the daily courage needed to face the overwhelm we sometimes feel?  How do we practically find the courage to stay present, say no, trust others and challenge the scarcity mindset we sometimes find ourselves in? In this episode, Amy offers some suggestions on how we build and maintain courage in our lives and issues the challenge:  What courage to you need today?

Committing to recovery takes courage. Especially in those early days when you aren’t quite able to stay sober or when every step you take feels like the wrong one.  Commitment is needed when you’ve been doing recovery for a while and you realize that it’s not quite working for you anymore. Using her experience in education, Amy talks about developing a Growth Mindset and how that builds and gives us courage to fully commit to recovery.

Recorded on a recent trip to California, Amy shares some of her recent experiences requiring the courage to slow down. In our world, it is easy to give into the break-necking speed of our society and culture. What we really need, in order to be successful in recovery, is the courage to slow down and live what is right in front of us, love who is in front of us and take care of the needs right in front of us. 

Are you ready for 2018?  In this episode Amy shares how her current depression has gotten the better of her for planning this next year and how she is finding the courage to start again.  Join her in the Year of Courage! 

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