Did you know that Self-Care was finally added to the dictionary? You now have a legitimate resource to help you prioritize taking care of yourself. If it’s in the dictionary – it’s real! Now, we need to look at what the definition of self-care is and what areas of our life we need to maintain and upkeep ourselves. It’s so much more than a pedicure or a night out with friends. Listen to Amy discuss what she is doing on a daily basis and how to re-define self-care for yourself. 

The Implementation Dip is a massive part of the change process.  It has been studied in education for decades and is a massive part of the strategic planning.  It shows us that when we first start to change and put in maximum effort, we aren’t going to see the result we want right away.  In fact, we will see a dip in our performance and results.  In this episode, Amy explains what the implementation dip is, how it effects us in recovery, and shares her methods for navigating this dip. 

Links to additional insights about the Implementation Dip: 

This one includes graphs for you to look at!!! 





Continuing our look at Step 10, Amy dives into what exactly “Personal Inventory” is and why we need it in our recovery process.  The ability accurately self-appraise comes with practice and in time, yet it is a skill that can make the difference in the progress of our recovery. 

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