Continuing our deep dive into Step 10, Amy discusses the third concept from Step 10 - When we were wrong, we promptly admitted it.  Step 10 is the time we really start to focus on the present moment and our present life. We have cleaned up a large portion of our past and are ready to really focus on the present.  This means we become more and more aware of our actions in the moment and how they are impacting ourselves and those around us.  Step 10 gives us tools to build awareness and how to mitigate the impact of our current actions.  We stop fighting with people and we start admitting we are wrong. 

Everyone has a right to speak their truth. If others don't agree with you, that doesn't invalidate your truth. If you don't speak your truth, it becomes toxic sitting inside of you. These are three realities that I've experienced over the last several months. Especially the last one. When I don't speak the truth of what is going on inside of me and what I'm experiencing, I end up at the bottom of a shame pit I dug for myself.  That is where I'm at today and that is why I need to speak that out loud.  It helped me so much. I hope it helps you as well!

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