As you evolve, everything in your life must evolve.  If your evolution during recovery doesn't flow out to the other areas of your life, you could wake up one day and wonder what is going on?!?!  In this episode, I talk about some of the evolutions I've had to make in recovery and how they have impacted my life.

We recently celebrated Memorial Day here in the USA. This is a day we recognize all those who have made sacrifices for the freedoms we live with and enjoy. This amplified the recent thoughts I've been having about the price of freedom - not political freedom - personal freedom.

In this episode I share some of the prices I've paid for the freedom I have from addiction as well as the current struggle I'm facing to pay the price for the next level of freedom and recovery I want for my life.

How about you? What is the price for your next level of recovery?

All my love,


I know you've heard the term: compartmentalize.  Maybe you've even heard it glorified and bragged about by people. I'm so good at compartmentalizing my life!  And while it can be an effective coping strategy - that is all it is a copying strategy. It helps you survive. However, I'm tired of surviving.  I want to thrive.  In this episode, I share how I keep mindful of the danger of compartmentalization and a few strategies I've used to become a more integrated, congruent person.  

January 31, 2019

Episode 147: Minding the Gap

You asked - I'm answering.  You wanted to know how I do an evaluation of my life, how I make connections, how I know there is something off and how do I dig deeper into what that is and find clarity.  In this episode, I share with you two of tools I use to identify what is off in my life.  These tools have helped me for years in identifying where I need to put my focus and energy.  I hope they help you as well!

Jackie and I are EXCITED about what we are doing with One Layer Deeper (1LD). Are you looking to go one layer deeper in your recovery? Then maybe one of our intensives or webinars is right for you!  In this episode we talk about how our family of origin contributes so much to our relational template.  This template is the foundation from which we operation. It is the template for how we engage with others around us.  When this relational template is damaged, it takes hard work to change it and thus dramatically transform our relationships. You can do it!  We want to help!


Let's keep talking gaslighting!!  In this episode we will continue our conversation about what gaslighting is, how you know if that is happening to you, and how to get out!!  That is the most important - how you get out of this situation.  

Do you ever feel like everyone is pulling you down or holding you back?  Yeah - crabs do that.  Learn what crab mentality is and how it shows up in recovery as Amy shares some of her crab moments. Let's be builders!

Every semester I give the same "speech" to my math students as we begin class together.  This fall, as I was sharing it again, it hit me just how recovery minded the whole thing is! Hard to believe I didn't catch that before.  I share it with you to help you build hope for the big task that is recovery and as insight into what exactly we are all working to recover from!  

November 6, 2018

Episode 139: Getting Current

Getting current is one of the first skills we can gain in recovery. In learning how to share our current reality, we learn how to accept where we are.  Once we accept where we are, we can actually make changes. Change can only happen when we accept our current situation. Getting current is how we begin to do that. In this episode, I share the importance of getting current and the obligation we have to do that in healthy adult relationships. Also - I want to get current with you on what has been going on for me the last few months.  

Everyone has a right to speak their truth. If others don't agree with you, that doesn't invalidate your truth. If you don't speak your truth, it becomes toxic sitting inside of you. These are three realities that I've experienced over the last several months. Especially the last one. When I don't speak the truth of what is going on inside of me and what I'm experiencing, I end up at the bottom of a shame pit I dug for myself.  That is where I'm at today and that is why I need to speak that out loud.  It helped me so much. I hope it helps you as well!

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