Continuing our Worth Reading series, I share one of the books that was fundamental to my mindset work.  I was struggling with my people pleasing behaviors when my therapist recommended this book.  In this episode, I share the pieces of this book that had the most influence on me.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


Worth Reading is a series of podcasts where I share my review of books that have had meaning to me throughout the recovery process.


Today I reflect on "Ready to Heal: Breaking Free of Addictive Relationships" by Kelly McDaniel.  Kelly does a beautiful job explaining some of the unique considerations that need to be made for women in recovery from love, relationship, or sex addiction.  I share some of the most meaningful insights she provides and expand on how they impacted me in recovery.  


New Series Announcement!  I'm super excited to start a new series this month - Worth Reading.  The 4th week of every month this year we will discuss or explore a book that had significant impact in my own recovery journey.  We will start today with Alcoholics Anonymous - Big Book.


In this episode I discuss my love for reading and why reading has always meant so much to me.  Then we explore the history of the Big Book and how it paved the way for so many of the recovery resources available today.  Last, I go chapter by chapter and share with you some of my favorite quotes and how they impacted my recovery.  


What books have impacted your recovery?

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