Why, after being sober and in recovery, do you need to keep working the steps or attending fellowship meetings?  Listen to Amy explain why the 12 steps have become a pillar in her recovery program and why she still continues to work them in her life.  

Continuing the discussion from Episode 5, listen to how Amy started practicing and moving recovery forward on a daily basis.  Learn the 5 ways to become a better practicer!  Download the worksheet from www.worthrecovery.com!  

Who was the first man to the North Pole and what in the world does that have to do with recovery?  Listen to Amy talk about practicing recovery, fair weather sprinting, and the race to the North Pole! 

The damage one word can cause is immense.  Listen to Amy talk about the shaming voice of "should" in her life and learn how to silence your own shame voices. 

Connection is an essential part of living in recovery.  Yet - there are so many options to shortcut or hot wire connection.  Amy shares some of her hot wire moments and how dangerous connection on demand can be.  

February 9, 2016

Episode 002: Choosing Bottom

Bottom isn't some arbitrary thing that happens to us without our consent.  We choose our bottom.  Learn the three principles that helped Amy find and maintain bottom.  

What is a program of recovery and how do I know if mine is working?  In episode 001, explore the four pillars of a solid recovery program and learn how to evaluate your own!  Download the free worksheet from www.worthrecovery.com!

Episode 0 focuses on the purpose, mission and goal of Worth Recovery. Learn about Amy's journey as a woman recovering from sex addiction and the big, BIG things we are going to do to support other women in recovery!

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