Sexuality is unique for each person. However, abuse is never a healthy part of sexuality. In this episode, I explore the connection between BDSM and abuse with Kristal Garcia.  Kristal is a self-identified recovering sex and love addict.  Her story can be found on a previous episode of Worth Recovery. Here we define and discuss what exactly BDSM is and the challenges of this community.


More information about Kristal can be found here:


February 22, 2021

Episode 170: Motivation

Motivation.... how do you get it? how do you keep it?  how do you refuel it?  This is one of the most common questions I get!  So in this episode I share with you my ideas on how to find and keep motivation.  I spell out a three part plan and share some of my own experiences.  Remember:  Motivation comes to me from the inside, I am my own motivator!

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Episode 001:  My Recovery Plan

New Series Announcement!  I'm super excited to start a new series this month - Worth Reading.  The 4th week of every month this year we will discuss or explore a book that had significant impact in my own recovery journey.  We will start today with Alcoholics Anonymous - Big Book.


In this episode I discuss my love for reading and why reading has always meant so much to me.  Then we explore the history of the Big Book and how it paved the way for so many of the recovery resources available today.  Last, I go chapter by chapter and share with you some of my favorite quotes and how they impacted my recovery.  


What books have impacted your recovery?

One of the questions people consistently ask me is about the ONE THING that made the difference in my recovery.  That is an impossible question to answer, of course.  And I give my best attempt in this episode.  Let me share with you part of my journey to self-awareness. 

Continuing my work to get more and more women's recovery stories out there - que Lisa.  She is amazing. I was truly inspired by her compassion and empathy towards those she encountered on her road to recovery.  I am honored to bring her story to you.  Remember, when we share our story or hear the stories of others, a new piece in our own life heals.  That was definitely the case with Lisa.  I'm forever grateful for her willingness to share so much with us!

2020 was not my best year.  While I learned a lot and had some great opportunities and wins, there were many things that didn't happen.  I'm calling it the year of false starts.  It took a toll on me and on Worth Recovery. However, I'm doing the work to change that.  In this episode I discuss how shame and guilt have kept me frozen and not moving forward and how learning to love myself through the process has been the most rewarding.  

What an amazing opportunity to have Kristal Garcia on the podcast! I was inspired by her radical self-love and forgiveness. I was challenged by her confidence and boldness. I was changed by her story.  Every time I hear the story of another woman, a little piece of my heart heals. That was definitely the case here.

You can read about Kristal and hear here stories here:

The video that inspired me that I cite on the episode is here:

Emotions.  They are beautiful and make us human AND they are difficult and can make us fearful.  In this episode I share with you a recent problem I had with tending to my own emotions.  I hope you take some time today and tend to your emotions.  

I love having guests on the podcast. I love it even more when they are women sharing their own recovery journey.  Rosario is a brave young woman sharing her battle with sex and love addiction.  She discusses her struggle with religion and relationships.  She shares how bad it got and what made it better.  She talks about how self-compassion is the way she started to find healing and what her recovery looks like today.  

I'm on a journey to share as many women's stories as I can during the rest of 2020!  Do you want to share your story?  It doesn't matter where you are in your recovery journey - at the beginning or many years in - your story is important and can make a huge difference for people.  I'd love to have you on the podcast!  Reach out! and let's make it happen!

Connection is such a necessary part of life. Yet, for so many reasons it feels scary and unsafe. With everything else going on the world right now - pandemics, civil unrest, social distancing, protests, etc. - connection is every more essential than ever. 


Try this Ted Talk by Johann Hari  

Or this one by Brene Brown

In this episode I discuss why we need connection and the offer four invitations for you to connect.

1. Worth Recovery Women's Stories Series

2. The Worth Circle - online FaceBook support group

3. Recovery Coaching

4. Call and connect with me - go to the Recovery Coaching page and schedule a call with me.  I'd love to connect, even if you're not interested in coaching.  







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